Jocce Marklund is an indie game developer from the Middle of Nowhere, Sweden. He has released a few indie games on his own, some together with others, and with established companies. He has a game design education from the University of Skövde, together with an added entrepreneur extension on top of that.

In 2011 Jocce won a Bafta award together with his team in the game development competition Dare to Be Digital, and since then he’s always had a soft spot for ninja rope mechanics and pixel art.

He has worked as a game designer, programmer for software, database management and games, and taught game development for a few years as well.

As an game design consultant, Jocce has mostly worked with workshops, presentations, game development courses, judging/feedback for competitions, as well as consulting teams in their effort find better work processes. Jocce has been part of multiple game jams, both as a participant but also as support for teams in need of experience or guidance.

If you’d like to talk about contract work, game design or anything else would that would be easier by adding a bit of Jocce to the mix, please reach out on either Twitter X or Linkedin.