Privacy Policy: Tumble Jump

Privacy Policy

Preamble: We are trying to make this privacy policy as transparent and easy to understand as possible, to avoid phrases and words that no one can understand or read without getting a headache. Instead, we’d like to keep it simple. If you feel like there is something missing or if you have any questions, please contact us.

General: We use analytics to improve, measure and quality test our games. Analytics is an important tool to understand how the game runs, for finding bugs, what players struggle with, and if updates improve the overall experience. Without analytics in the game, developers are blind and have to guess how the players react in the game, how far they progress and if there is a crash somewhere that ruins your experience.

Example: We noticed a big portion of players didn’t complete the level as easily as intended, and when investigating further we noticed some level design issues that we thought we already fixed.

By opting in and accepting that we use analytics to collect your experience, you help increase the product without having to do anything. It’s a win-win scenario.

As a studio we have to make money somehow, and Ads is an important part of that. By measuring the performance of our game, we can see what players like and don’t like, and adjust the game so it’s better for everyone – both players and developers.

When using analytics, you as players are given a randomized id that links all your data together – which level you reached, how many ogres you killed etc. With the analytics system, sensitive data such as email, credit card info and anything that is located on your personal device is NOT collected. In some cases an IP address is collected, but we as a company do NOT have access to that data. So, no sensitive data is collected. However, data such as phone model, operating system version etc is collected. Honestly, the most sensitive data we collect is probably which town you’re in (read “someone in Paris played level 5”).

Data Sensitivity: We don’t process or have access to sensitive data (e.g. credit card numbers or your address). All the data we process is used to measure how you play, how often you heal, if you died to the boss, or if you run into any bugs.

Data Security: As a small studio, we don’t have the resources to collect data in our own databases. All the data collected is stored at third-party processors that run companies based on data collecting. It’s their job to collect and to keep your data safe, so you don’t have to worry about a small studio getting hacked.

Risk Assessment: Let’s talk about the worst case scenario directly – if someone breached the office, and ran away with the ancient hardware under one arm, and a sick mouse pad in the other, here’s what they could do:

They could with a lot of work figure out that “someone” from [town] played the game with [version] between [date] and [other date]. They could plot out how you performed, what levels you completed, if you watched any ads, see if you bought any items, and overall check how you behaved in the game, and only within the game itself. With the resources available from a breach of the studio, you cannot be identified as a person.

Policy Changes: We reserve the right to change and update the privacy policy at any time in the future. The date of the latest modification can be seen at the bottom. If you object to the changes, you can stop using our applications and ask us to remove your personal data.

We are processing the following kind of personal data:

In-App Purchases: We store the relevant data regarding the purchases to be able to support payers and for fraud detection. We do NOT have access to your payment information or your name, addresses etc. when you make a purchase.

Ad Measurement: We use an Advertising ID, which helps us track the success of our marketing efforts – measuring how many players came from a specific ad for example. 

Pseudo ID: Each user gets a randomized number that represents them in the game, and is used to track what “some player” is doing in the app. If you remove the app and install it again you are given a new Pseudo ID.

IP Addresses: We don’t store or process IP addresses ourselves, but some of our third-party processors might process IP addresses.

Other Data: Additionally to the personal data and identifiers mentioned above, we or our third-party processors do also process the following data:

Game progression data, session starts and durations, advertisements, hardware model & manufacturer, operating system version, crash logs, system language.

Support: If you contact our studio, we will process your contact data like your email address and other information provided to handle your request. We will store the information provided for up to 12 months to be able to handle follow up requests. We don’t forward your contact data to third-party processors.

Services: We are using the following third party services to collect analytics data.

You have the following rights as a data subject:

Data Access: You have the right to access the personal data processed by us. Please contact us to request your data and we will request this from our third parties mentioned above.

Data Erasure: You have the right to have your personal data removed from our third parties. Please contact us to request that your data is removed.

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Last Updated: 2022, June 29th