Spartans in Candyland (2011) is a local coop survival game, made in XNA and released on XBLIG for Xbox 360. It was part of a school project with a team of 15. My role in this project was lead programmer and somewhat of a release manager, bringing the final product to the Xbox 360.

The base story is just a classic “Four spartans travels forward in time and finds futuristic teddy bear aliens that uses huge swedish pastries as space ships, then travels back in time slightly to a 2010 american suburban area, when the aliens invade our planet, and, using weapons from this future and the future-future, are the only four capable of defeating the aliens.”

The game is a local coop top down shooter, where the players share the mana pool. So while the skills have a cooldown, they all share the mana as well – perfect subject to argue about in between runs. Oh, and it’s not mana obviously but materialized testosterone.