Unfortunately a lot of small projects and prototypes have been lost over the years, so now they only exist in memory.

These are the games I could find resources from, while others are completely gone forever. From circa 2006-2010

Valv 31 – “Vault 31”, a gamedev school project with 12 members, developed during ~10 weeks. Made in Ogre.
Green Skin – A small team (2) project. Counter Strike Manager clone. (Game Maker)
Unnamed game – Action tower defence, similar to Creeper World (Game Maker)
Random Elevator character selection screen – A way to present random characters
Numb Soldier – A top down shooter, where character could only have a few senses active at a time (Game Maker)
Unnamed space game – Player controls and upgrades a “mother ship” and collects resources
Unnamed RTS – Player builds a base but have to deconstruct and hide under cover during sandstorms (Game Maker)
Unnamed puzzle shooter – Player can build protective spheres in a “constant damage” environment (Game Maker)
Unnamed tower defence – Player needs to stack blocks in different colors to attack enemies passing by (Game Maker)
Shadow Tower Defence – Solar powered towers defend as long as clouds doesn’t cover them (Game Maker)
RGB – Made levels for a FPS where different colors had different abilities. Nominated in Swedish Game Awards in 2008