The Scrap Raft (2017) is a Global Game Jam entry from the same year. It’s solo developed in Unity. The game is a match three puzzle game where random debris is floating past your raft, and the player is picking them up on the raft. The debris takes up space, so the player needs to plan how to get navigate across the playfield without getting stuck or unable to connect the debris.

The player is supposed to gather as much points as possible, until they are either stuck, or die from hunger. For an additional layer of stress, random seagulls fall onto the raft and blocks a tile from being used.

It becomes a tetris-survival like, where the player wants to try “just one more time” – even though the art definitely needs a bit more quality time.

The Scrap Raft is Wife Approved, rated “Oh yeah, I loved that game”

The game can be played here.